Make 2021 a brighter year

Meat box that’s beyond what you’ve been looking for

Join our farmers and make positive environmental change this year

By eating meat from our farmers, you're supporting a worldwide revolution.

We’re aiming to reverse environmental degradation, wipe out hunger and poverty.

Too much of a lofty dream?

This is how it's done

Our farmers use grazing practices that store CO2 from the air in the soil, making their livestock carbon negative.

In this way, they are reversing global warming.

They also graze their animals in a way that increases biodiversity and wildlife habitats.

We are rewildling farmland.

It’s a growing worldwide revolution that changes deserts back to savannahs that give clean water and nutritious food to people that need it most.

Growing food along with wildlife is not a fallacy.

Rewildling is not all...

the resulting meat is nutritionally outstanding

Our standards are much higher than organic – 100% grass-fed nutrient-dense beef and lamb, proper outdoor pork rotated carefully around vegetable land or woodland, and proper pastured chickens eating fresh salad bar of grass and herbs every single day.

All our livestock are carefully managed to benefit not just the land but your helath too with outstandingly nutrient-dense meat.

Tasty and ethical

Our slow-grown meat is full of flavour, deep and concentrated.

It’s ethical to the heart. Our animals are loved, cherished and respected. Their wellbeing often comes before one of ours.

We do our best to create environment that is perfectly suited to each animal species we keep. Spending hours learning about their behaviours, we are there for them when they need us most.

Join this revolutionary way to eat and farm

You can cancel, pause or adjust your monthly meat box at any time.

You can opt out of meat types you don’t want to receive.

We’re here for you – we treat each customer on an individual basis, so we’ll adjust your monthly meat box to suit you perfectly.

Variety of cuts for every month

What’s in the monthly box?

100% grass fed beef + 100% grass fed lamb + pastured free-range pork + proper pastured chicken
2/3 of the box contains

Quick dinners

Most of our meat cuts are perfect for quick cooking. Every month you'll receive a different mixture of these:

  • mince (beef, lamb, pork)
  • steaks, chops, cutlets
  • stir-fry strips and cubes
  • quick-cook joint (rack of lamb, beef silverside)
1/3 of the box contains

Meat for Slow cooking

For your weekend and holiday meals, we'll include a bit of:

  • roasting joints (beef, lamb, pork)
  • stewing meat (beef cubes, ossobucco, braising steak)
On top of your box


At different times of year and depending on availability and our stock, we give you an option to add any of these to your regular box for free:

  • liver (beef, lamb, pork)
  • heart (beef, lamb, pork)
  • bones (beef, lamb, pork)
  • others (fat for lard, suet, lungs, …)

Meat box price starting at: £27

What our customers say


“The meat is excellent and a joy to cook.”

The meat tastes incredibly. I recommend it to everyone. I hope more people join Nature Way Farm so more farmers can give their animals the life they deserve.

Alexandra Guerreiro

...after years of using supermarkets and basically, doing what everybody does, I had forgotten how decent meat should taste and the fact that your products are easily distinguishable on taste alone. Was simply a revelation.

Robert Stroud

The variety of cuts we have received is really good although they may not have been our first choice. It's great to get cuts we wouldn't usually choose.

Alexandra Baggs & family

The amount of feed and fertilizers per 1 beef animal

As a calf, it is fed 100 kg of feed in a creep feeder:
60 kg barley
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

growing steer (for 100 days) ratio:
350 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed

finishing steer (for 80 days)
600 kg barley

TOTAL feed per steer:
1010 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

Source: AHDB

Pesticide figure based on yearly application of pesticides on barley in 2018 (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):

spring and winter barley were mixed in equal ratio for simplicity.
Pesticides in spring barley:
157.5 g
Pesticides in winter barley:
307.5 g

TOTAL 465 g of pesticides = to litres it is about 465 ml of pesticides per year.

Source: Pesticides usage survey 284 for arable crops in the United Kingdom 2018 (National Statistics)

Fertilizer figure (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):
nitrogen: 24.14 kg
phosphate: 4.59 kg
potash: 5.95 kg
sulfur: 5.95 kg

TOTAL 40.63 kg of fertilizers

Source: British survey of fertilizer practice for 2018 (DEFRA)