• monthly subscription meat box
  • healthy and sustainable 100% grass fed beef and grass fed lamb
  • free range pork from pigs roaming in woodland or in pasture
  • animals raised to beyond organic standards
  • delivered to you in Milton Keynes

Empower your life with 100% grass fed meat beyond organic

in a Monthly meat box

Why choose our 100% grass fed meat?

What will you get in your monthly meat box?

Selection of meat

Selection of meat

Experience flavours

Receive different meat types and cuts each  month. From 100% grass fed beef and lamb to wodland or pastured free range pork.

The variety of cuts allows you to experience different depths of meat flavour.


Recipe ideas

Recipe ideas

Get inspired and create delicious meal

Do you sometimes get stuck with the same-old recipes? Our recipe suggestion cards inspire you to take a new approach in cooking a certain cut of meat.

Just pick an idea and get creative.

Nature Way Farm

In Milton Keynes

For free

We deliver for free to your workplace or home in Milton Keynes.

You can also collect from our Milton Keynes office.

Anywhere other than Milton Keynes? Get in touch.

Help the planet

How would you feel if you knew that the food on your plate helped to slow down global warming?
Join the revolution. 

Imagine walking in a colourful and fragrant countryside

Do you worry about whether your food choices are destroying the countryside around you? Become part of restoring our countryside and wildlife back to its former glory…

Your peace of mind

Rest your mind by knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised

Do you feel like not having enough energy to achieve what you want?

Red meat empowers you as it did your ancestors. Naturally. Feel energized and ready to get on with life with our healthy 100% grass fed beef and lamb.

And it gives you so much more than conventional beef and lamb.

Still not sure? Get to know us...

Improve your cooking skills and learn more about nutrition and health. Plus get to know what our farmers are up to and how their animals are doing.