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Our produce

100% grass-fed beef and lamb

From our animals that eat only grass and our home-grown dried organic forage, resulting thus in highly nutritous meat. Our animals take 9 months longer to mature, and thus produce richer, tastier meat, which we also traditionally dry-mature for at least 21 days (beef) or 7 days (lamb and mutton).

Our produce

Pastured chicken

The most ethical chicken of all, our chickens spend majority of their life out on pasture in a mobile pen and range, that we move every day. This gives them fresh grass and hunting ground on a daily basis, and their meat has thus complex flavours unlike any other chicken you’ve ever tasted. It’s a treat.

Our produce

Woodland pork

Wild boars naturally roam forests, yet most outdoor keepers keep pigs on pasture. However, woodland pig keeping is an old British tradition. Our rare-breed Large Black pigs are greatly suited for woodland habitat, and forage on tree leaves, roots, plants, berries, nuts and insect. The flavourful pork transforms sausages, bacon or simple joints into a real taste experience.

Our produce

Pastured duck

Our ducks spend most of their life out on pasture, where we move their protective shelter every day to give them clean ground and fresh grass to eat. We also provide the ducks with a bathing tub, to splash about and play with water to their hearts’ desire. Their meat has a mild flavour with delicate buttery melting fat for a satisfying mouth feel.

Our produce

Pastured organic eggs

*In high demand. Please reserve by emailing ahead to avoid disappointment. For orders of 30 eggs or more 1 week ahead, for order of a dozen, around 3 days ahead.*

The best eggs you can buy. From small flock of our organic hens, moved every 2 days to fresh area of pasture. This gives them a continously fresh ground, with grass, insect, worms so they are never bored. They are also part of our land regeneration programme.

Fed organic, non-GM, and soya-free feed

  • £3 per half a dozen
  • £14 for a tray of 30.

Our produce

Raw local honey

From our local bee man Simon, from the fields and gardens in the nearby areas. Also from apiaries located on our farm in the field near the farm shop.

It is raw, just as it comes from the bees, unprocessed. We also sometimes have raw honey combs, for even more raw experience.

Organic and sustainable nutritious pasta

Pioneering as the first British Artisan Organic dry pasta producer, Pastificio Carleschi uses British Spelt, Emmer, and Einkorn stoneground flour, along with fava beans from regenerative-minded UK farmers. Their artisan, organic, bronze-extruded pasta is slow-dried at low temperatures to preserve nutritional value and taste. Sustainability is a key focus, demonstrated by their plastic-free packaging, organic certification, and commitment to local sourcing. The company emphasizes a blend of British and Italian heritage, taking pride in their meticulous production process and commitment to environmental responsibility.

If you are not a fan of modern wheat, and wish to go for a more nutrient-dense alternative, this pasta is a perfect choice with low gluten index.

Our produce

Beyond organic vegetable box - reserve and collect

Our home-grown vegetables grown in a healthy soil are nutrient-dense and tasty. The variety of vegetables change throughout the year.

Our production of vegetables will increase through the year, and will include salad vegetables, root vegetables and typical brassicas (cabbages, cauliflowers, cavolo nero).

Please pre-book you veg box by emailing me at by Sunday, for meat boxes to collect on Thursday, or by Tuesday if you wish to collect on Saturday in the shop.

Current veg selection (June):

  • beetroot
  • spring onion
  • spring cabbage
  • mixed lettuce leaves bag

Sourced from same-ethos farmer

Once a month - First Thursday if the Month (and following Saturday)

Organic 100% grass-fed dairy

From Challons Combe Farm in Devon, taste the sweetness and smoothness of this truly sustainable dairy.

We stock:

  • whole milk,
  • semi-skimmed milk,
  • double cream

And more

The diversity of our prodcue will increase, as well as offering of other products that share our ethos of sustainability, such as:

  1. sustainable chocolate
  2. Natural Facial oils, Body Oils and Beard oils for men
  3. Hodmedod’s pulses, flour
  4. Homemade preserves (chutneys, jams, marmalades, …)
  5. Books
  6. Resources to start growing your own vegetables – No dig by Charles Dowding

Head over to our farm shop near Syresham

Every Thursday and Saturday

How to find us

Old Park Farm, Syresham, NN13 5PT

Once you turn off the road, continue on a gravel track to the end.

We’re 15 min from Brackley

30 min from Milton Keynes

Our hours

Thursday 1pm – 6pm

Saturday 11am – 4pm

(Why only 2 days a week? Well, we’re busy growing food the rest of the week…)

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We love growing food.

But properly. No shortcuts. With focus on animal welfare. Nutritional density. Restoring the land.

Let’s change the food system

Away from the anonymous producers growing food for markets and shops, to connecting with us as people growing and raising food for you. Only then can our future food system become sustainable. From damaging global system back to the local system.

You are in charge what we grow, as your shopping and eating habits shape what we produce. You can also experiment with food or meats you wouldn’t normally eat, as you can learn from us how to best prepare them.

Buy directly from us who grew your food

Ask us questions. See the animals going about their business. Watch us interacting with them and going through our daily chores.

Reconnect with your food and the land it comes from.

The amount of feed and fertilizers per 1 beef animal

As a calf, it is fed 100 kg of feed in a creep feeder:
60 kg barley
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

growing steer (for 100 days) ratio:
350 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed

finishing steer (for 80 days)
600 kg barley

TOTAL feed per steer:
1010 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

Source: AHDB

Pesticide figure based on yearly application of pesticides on barley in 2018 (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):

spring and winter barley were mixed in equal ratio for simplicity.
Pesticides in spring barley:
157.5 g
Pesticides in winter barley:
307.5 g

TOTAL 465 g of pesticides = to litres it is about 465 ml of pesticides per year.

Source: Pesticides usage survey 284 for arable crops in the United Kingdom 2018 (National Statistics)

Fertilizer figure (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):
nitrogen: 24.14 kg
phosphate: 4.59 kg
potash: 5.95 kg
sulfur: 5.95 kg

TOTAL 40.63 kg of fertilizers

Source: British survey of fertilizer practice for 2018 (DEFRA)