Medium subscription meat box – Custom

This meat box gives you roughly 1.7 – 2kg of meat. It is perfect for a couple or a family.

Enjoy the freedom to fully customize your meat selection.

In this meat box, you’re equipped with 8 votes to make your selections. Here’s the breakdown:

For individual items like steaks, each is counted as 1 vote. However, when it comes to large-size cuts like joints and slow-cook options, their larger size means that opting for one of these is equivalent to using 2 votes. This way, we ensure you have the flexibility to craft your perfect box while accommodating the variety in sizes.

Where to select?

Write us your selection into the Notes to your order during checkout. If you forget, I’ll email you right back with the selection asking what your choices are.


is Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, plus Towcester, Potterspury and Yardley Gobion.

every Thursday and Saturday

£50.00 / month


If you are not fully satisfied with the taste of our meat, we will refund you in full.

Do not worry...

You can skip a month or more, cancel or change your meat box at any time (I can always send you a refund if you decide last minute you don’t want your meat delivery). There are no ties – we provide a friendly service to fully suit you.

Guide to subscription sizes and pricing:

Next to each price in brackets is a rough estimate of meat weight in box. This will depend on type of meat included; when mostly steaks, cutlets and pork chops are delivered, the final weight will be lower than when the box is based on mince, joints and stewing cubes.

 Small (4 meals/month)Medium (6 meals/month)Large (12 meals/month)
1 – Single person£27  (1 kg)£40.50 (1.6 kg)£81 (3.4 kg)
2 – a couple£50.40  (2 kg)£74.70  (2.7 kg)£148.50 (5.4 kg)
3 people£75.60  (2.8 kg)£113.40  (4 kg)£227 (8 kg)
4 people£100.80  (3.6 kg)£151.20  (5.4 kg)£302.40 (11 kg)

Do you need help in choosing the right size? Get in touch.

We recommend you to pick a size you think it’s about right – you can always adjust it later from your Account when you sign up, or by calling or emailing us. Some of our customers find the portions large enough to be stretched to feed more people so try a smaller box first and see how it works for you in the following months.

What to expect after you order

You pick size of a meat box and a day of delivery (Thursday or Saturday) and order.

I’ll be in touch by email about your meat selection and FREE extras you can add on top (offal, bones, eggs)

You pick what you like from the selection and extras and email me back

Your box arrives. We make sure you can receive it – we’ll call you if you’re not in

You have a total of 8 votes to use in this custom meat box, make your selection from the list below, and let us know in the Notes during checkout:



Individual items (1 vote used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • Prime steak (maxium of 2 per order)
  • Ranch steaks
  • Everyday steaks
  • Minute steaks
  • Denver steaks
  • Flank steaks
  • Steak roulade (gluten-free burger mix rolled into a thin Ranch steak, and seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano) 1 per pack
  • Beef burgers (gluten free, salt, pepper, a bit of horseradish) 4 x 4oz per pack

Large pack items (2 votes used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • Beef mince 500g
  • Beef stewing cubes 500g
  • Slow-cook beef 500g
  • Shin rounds for slow cooking 500g
  • Beef short ribs 800-1kg
  • Topside/silverside joint 700-800g
  • Stir-fry strips 500g


Individual items (1 vote used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • chicken leg whole
  • chicken wings 4
  • chicken breast

Large pack items (2 votes used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • chicken mince 400g
  • whole chicken 1-1.2 kg


Individual items (1 vote used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • duck wings 4 per pack
  • duck leg whole


Individual items (1 vote used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • Lamb leg steaks (2 per pack) 140-170g
  • Lamb loin steaks (4 per pack) 140-170g
  • lamb rump steak (2 per pack) 140-170g
  • lamb neck fillet 170g
  • lamb kofta burgers (garlic, cumin, corriander, turmeric) (gluten-free) 4x 4oz per pack
  • lamb shank

Large pack items (2 votes used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • lamb mince 400-500g
  • lamb leg joint 700g
  • lamb shoulder joint 700g


Large pack items (2 votes used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • mutton leg joint 700g
  • mutton shoulder joint 700g
  • mutton shanks (2)
  • mutton mince 500g
  • 2 mutton neck fillets 300-400g
  • mutton loin steaks 2 packs, each pack 160-180g


Individual items (1 vote used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • pork minute steaks (lean) (2 per pack) 180-220g
  • pork flank steaks (2 per pack) 180-220g
  • pork rump steaks (2 per pack) 180-220g
  • pork collar steaks (2-3 per pack) 180-220g
  • pork shank 300-500g
  • pork belly strips 4-6 per pack 180-220g

Large pack items (2 votes used by picking 1 item from the list)

  • pork belly block 800g-1 kg
  • pork shoulder 700g
  • pork spare ribs 800g – 1.2kg


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Pick from a selection of tender juicy meats

You can pick and choose what you prefer from our current selection of cuts and meats we have. I send you an email with your “default” selection and a list to pick from if you would like to change the “default” selection.

You’re in charge and the meat box is fully customized to your tastes and needs.

Our meat selection contains a diversity of:

  • steaks (beef, pork, lamb), and quick cook cuts (breast, whole chicken leg, stir-fry strips)
  • mince (beef, pork, lamb, mutton)
  • joints (silverside, topside, rack of lamb, loin of lamb)
  • slow-cook cuts (stewing cubes, neck slices from lamb or beef, brisket, osso buco, lamb breast, pork joints)
  • other cuts (pork spare ribs, chicken wings, lamb fillet)
  • beef burgers (handmade gluten-free), beef and pork sausages (hand made, gluten-free)

Want a trial box?

I can let you try a box, not a problem. Place an order as for a monthly box, and in the comment section, let me know this is a 1-month trial only. I’ll then cancel the subscription right away so that you’ve paid for just 1 meat box.

I’ll be in touch with your meat selection.

If you like the meat box and want to become a regular customer, you’ll need to re-order again, as we do not store your payment details.

You get what you pay for...

Quality meat comes at a price that reflects the genuine care and ethical practices we adhere to in our farming approach. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We refuse to compromise on the nutrition and well-being of our animals. Unlike others who may cut corners, we never fatten our livestock with cheap alternatives like grain or food processing waste. Our commitment to superior quality means our beef takes 9 months longer to mature, and lamb 5-6 months longer.

  • Our commitment to sustainable practices extends to our fields. We don’t resort to spraying fertilizers or herbicides to artificially enhance grass growth. We believe in natural, wholesome farming.

  • Each of our chickens receives personal attention. We don’t house them in massive flocks with automated systems. Instead, our small flock is carefully monitored twice a day. We care deeply about the well-being of each bird, promptly addressing any issues.

  • Our animals are not just numbers; they are individuals with names and unique characteristics. We go beyond economic considerations, even caring for those that others might overlook, like animals born blind or with physical differences.

  • Unlike some in the industry, we prioritize animal well-being and health over financial gains. Our focus is on elevating the standards of care, placing our animals at the forefront of our mission.

While our farming practices might be unconventional in the eyes of some, we stand firm in our commitment to ethical and responsible farming. Despite the skepticism of our neighbours, we believe there are people who share our passion for animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and the nutrient density of the meat we proudly produce.

Join us in making a difference.

The amount of feed and fertilizers per 1 beef animal

As a calf, it is fed 100 kg of feed in a creep feeder:
60 kg barley
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

growing steer (for 100 days) ratio:
350 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed

finishing steer (for 80 days)
600 kg barley

TOTAL feed per steer:
1010 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

Source: AHDB

Pesticide figure based on yearly application of pesticides on barley in 2018 (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):

spring and winter barley were mixed in equal ratio for simplicity.
Pesticides in spring barley:
157.5 g
Pesticides in winter barley:
307.5 g

TOTAL 465 g of pesticides = to litres it is about 465 ml of pesticides per year.

Source: Pesticides usage survey 284 for arable crops in the United Kingdom 2018 (National Statistics)

Fertilizer figure (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):
nitrogen: 24.14 kg
phosphate: 4.59 kg
potash: 5.95 kg
sulfur: 5.95 kg

TOTAL 40.63 kg of fertilizers

Source: British survey of fertilizer practice for 2018 (DEFRA)