Trial box

Try what it’s like to be part of Nature Way Farm with this trial meat box. Taste this truly sustainable meat containing variety of 100% grass fed beef and organic 100% grass fed lamb.

This meat box contains 2 lamb steaks, 300 g of minced beef and about 450g silverside joint.

Your meat box will get delivered on either Thursday or Saturday depending on what you select at the checkout.


is Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, plus Towcester, Potterspury and Yardley Gobion.



If you are not fully satisfied with the taste of our meat, we will refund you in full.


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Why does it cost more?

Find out about the difference in how our farmers work in comparison to what you find in the shops.

The amount of feed and fertilizers per 1 beef animal

As a calf, it is fed 100 kg of feed in a creep feeder:
60 kg barley
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

growing steer (for 100 days) ratio:
350 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed

finishing steer (for 80 days)
600 kg barley

TOTAL feed per steer:
1010 kg barley
30 kg rapeseed
14 kg soya
23.5 kg sugar beet

Source: AHDB

Pesticide figure based on yearly application of pesticides on barley in 2018 (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):

spring and winter barley were mixed in equal ratio for simplicity.
Pesticides in spring barley:
157.5 g
Pesticides in winter barley:
307.5 g

TOTAL 465 g of pesticides = to litres it is about 465 ml of pesticides per year.

Source: Pesticides usage survey 284 for arable crops in the United Kingdom 2018 (National Statistics)

Fertilizer figure (based on application to 0.17 ha that would produce 1 tonne of barley):
nitrogen: 24.14 kg
phosphate: 4.59 kg
potash: 5.95 kg
sulfur: 5.95 kg

TOTAL 40.63 kg of fertilizers

Source: British survey of fertilizer practice for 2018 (DEFRA)